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Need Counseling for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Grief, Work Stress, Illness, Relationships, Transitions?

Anxiety Treatment

Treating anxiety can improve your life by helping you to reduce stress, change negative thoughts, improve sleep, increase focus, and generate energy for taking action. Get one-on-one help to prioritize self-care.

Depression Treatment

Treating depression through therapy can improve your life by managing stress, boosting energy levels, improving sleep habits, creating structure, reducing a sense of hopelessness and exploring options to promote a healthy lifestyle.

ADHD Treatment

Treating ADHD with therapy can improve your life through the exploration of options to reduce symptoms which might include medication, exercise, mindfulness practices, planning and adding structure as well as other positive lifestyle changes. 

Grief/Loss Treatment

Therapy for grief and loss can help you process and cope with the emotional and physical pain caused by the death of a loved one.  Therapy can also help you take care of yourself and not neglect your own needs while grieving. 

How we help you


Online Therapy sessions give you the nonjudgmental, caring support, tools and habits you need to begin to feel better.

Resources Provided

We will recommend books, videos, podcasts and articles that will help you understand what is going on for you and have some best practices for healing.

Practice Between Sessions

Between sessions, you will be given tools, worksheets and strategies which will help you to practice building essential skills and habits that will help you feel better.

Genuine healing is possible if you believe in yourself and truly want to change.

Lori Bryson
Wayne Kessler LICSW
About me

I’m a Certified CBT therapist also trained in many other types of therapy such as EMDR, IFS and DBT.

Hello, and Welcome! I have been helping people as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years, working with adults who are experiencing work-related stress, layoffs, toxic work environments, parenting, health-related issues, school stress, career transitions, relationship issues, struggling with grief from a loss of a human or pet, and challenges around retirement. If you are seeking therapy, feel free to schedule a free consultation, and we can see if working together makes sense.

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