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TeleHealth Therapy

What Is TeleHealth Therapy?


TeleHealth Therapy Services

Are you wanting to seek professional help but prefer not to leave your home?

TeleHealth therapy services may be the perfect option for you.


What Is Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth Therapy is referred to as telemedicine or teletherapy. Telehealth enables people to access expert healthcare via an online video call. It is a form of video conferencing that facilitates a real consultation between practitioner and patient.

TeleHealth is a virtual therapy session that allows you and your therapist to connect over a secure video platform in the comfort of your own home or office. Telehealth therapy services provide a convenient and secure way to receive the mental health care you need while also saving you time and money.

Using TeleHealth services, you can access therapy almost anytime and anywhere you have a secure internet connection. The only difference is that you are not in the same room as the therapist. 

Some advantages include the fact that you don’t have to worry about traveling to your therapist’s office or taking time off from work, as TeleHealth sessions can be arranged outside of normal business hours.

How Does Telehealth Therapy Differ From In-Person Therapy?

TeleHealth therapy sessions has been proven to offer the same quality of care as traditional in person services. TeleHealth sessions are conducted using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform designed to protect your personal and medical information. We will work with you to schedule a time that best suits your schedule.

Additionally, TeleHealth services can be beneficial for those who may feel uncomfortable going to a traditional therapy office. Some people prefer the comfort of their own home where they can be more relaxed and better able to focus on therapy.

TeleHealth therapy services are an excellent option for those looking to make their mental health a priority while also avoiding the stress associated with a traditional in-person therapy appointment. It enables those who live far away, have heath related concerns, have difficulty leaving home or have busy schedules to benefit from mental health care without having to leave their home. 

Is a Telehealth Appointment Right For You?

Because TeleHeath therapy uses a computer and the internet you must be comfortable and familiar with using video technology, have a private, uninterrupted space at home, and be evaluated by your clinician to determine if  Telehealth will work for your particular type of therapy. You also must have access to high-speed internet and necessary devices at home. It is also requested that you use headphones with a microphone to increase the security of the call and to help avoid distractions.

If, however, you are not comfortable with technology, have little privacy at home or feel uneasy sharing personal matters over the internet or phone then an in-person session may be a better option for you. At this time, we do not offer in-person therapy, however you can find some in-person therapy resources on our Mental Health Resources page.

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