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Benefits Of Paying Privately

Benefits Of Private Pay vs Using Insurance

Paying privately for psychotherapy can be a great option for those looking to get access to the best possible care. By paying privately you are not involving your insurance company in your therapy. Therefore, your private personal information is only seen by your therapist. Private pay therapy sessions can provide a greater degree of flexibility and personalized attention than using a third-party payer(insurance).


By paying out-of-pocket you have a much greater selection of therapists to choose from. So, you are able to find the best therapist for you, in a quicker time frame. In addition, private pay sessions can provide access to a wider range of treatment approaches. Private payments also allow for greater control over the length and frequency of sessions. Furthermore, private therapy sessions are often more affordable than those provided through third-party payers and may even be covered by health insurance plans if your plan offers out-of-network coverage.


Ultimately, paying privately for therapy can give you the opportunity to get the best possible care for your specific needs and preferences.