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Welcome! I am Wayne Kessler, a Certified CBT and EMDR Therapist

Life can be challenging at times.
You deserve to feel heard and supported. I am here to give you the nonjudgemental support and safe space that you need to heal, grow and begin to feel better.

Wayne Kessler Therapist
Frequently Asked Questions 

Good for you for taking this first step toward getting some support! Meeting with a therapist can help you get the care you need to cope better with whatever life throws at you or to deal with past events you’d like to understand better. Doing this work, although difficult, at times, will help you gain new insights and start to feel better.  Thank you for being interested in therapy with me. I know that it is certainly a strength to reach out to get support, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and trust a total stranger.  Personally, I do my best to earn your trust and make you feel comfortable and accepted for however you show up in therapy.


Doing your due diligence and checking out your therapist’s experience, training, expertise, and areas of practice is a wise practice. You certainly want to make sure your therapist is a good fit for you.


However, like your doctor, or other medical specialist, we are very busy helping people and are only paid for our time, so it is not always feasible for us to speak with everyone who is interested in therapy.


In my case, my practice is typically full, and I often have a waiting list, so speaking with everyone who is interested is not practical for me. However, I do want to give everyone the information they need to make a decision about whether I am right for them and their specific challenges. So below, I have created a list of questions and answers that can help you decide if I am the best fit for you. My hope is that this will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.


Certainly, if you have additional questions, not answered here, you can email me directly and I’ll be happy to respond to you.

Thanks again for your interest in therapy with me, and I do wish you the best in your search.


My Availability

My availability varies almost daily. I do create a waiting list when I am full, but I find that I can usually fit people in fairly quickly if they have some flexibility during the week. My available times to meet are weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


My Experience

I have been a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years, working with adults who have challenges related to ADHD, work-related stress, start-up or family-owned business stress, parenting, infidelity, relationships, layoffs, toxic work environments, fears, health-related issues, school challenges, career transition, struggling with grief from the loss of a human or pet, and challenges around retirement. I only work with those who are 18 years of age and older.


Who I Am Not Able To Help

My areas of expertise do not include people who are actively suicidal, have eating disorders, have severe OCD, Couples, or have ASD; so I don’t work with those populations. I have many years of experience in different settings, including individual therapy, inpatient, residential group homes, outpatient, and in-home therapy.

Therapy is only offered via teletherapy to those who are currently located in Massachusetts.


Who Can You Help?

I work with a diverse population of individuals, including those who’ve never been in therapy and individuals with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, ADHD, and other Executive functioning challenges. I do not provide services to actively suicidal individuals. If you are actively suicidal, you will need to be stabilized before I can work with you. I do not provide medications, but, I can refer you to a prescriber. I work primarily with adults.  and am an  LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist.


Therapy Offering

 I am dedicated to providing an open, welcoming, empathetic, and collaborative learning environment in which you feel safe and comfortable expressing yourself without judgment. I work with individuals from all walks of life and use my skills as a Therapist and mindfulness teacher to aid in your understanding of yourself and others.


Therapeutic Orientation

My therapeutic orientation is trauma-informed, evidence based, and I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT). I also use trauma-informed EMDR therapy, IFS, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused therapies, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, somatic and strengths-based approaches in my practice. My therapeutic approach involves tailoring the therapeutic intervention to the individual’s unique needs with a customized, co-created treatment plan. I create an open-minded, safe space. I am a lifelong learner, so I strive to keep my clinical skills cutting-edge and up-to-date by frequently attending the latest training and workshops to further my expertise, awareness, and understanding.


Why Do You Do This Work?

I have always had an interest in helping others. I guess I discovered this at a young age. I also learned that I am very good at this and people gravitate towards me and confide in me naturally. I enjoy the process of connecting with people at a different level and helping them to discover things about themselves and realize they have qualities and abilities they didn’t realize they had. I am truly humbled and grateful for those who allow me to share their life experiences with me, no matter how traumatic they are. Together, we find the path of healing that works for them, at the pace that feel most comfortable.


Insurance Accepted

I currently accept most private insurance plans. However, I am not in-network for all plans offered by private insurers, as many have closed networks. We will need to check if I am in-network for your specific plan. I will explain how to do this step by step.


Insurance I Do Not Accept

I do not accept any of the MA state health insurance plans like Medicare, Medicaid or MassHealth.

I also do not accept any MassHealth Connector plans like Tufts Direct, and Tufts Together


Be Brave And Reap The Benefits of Therapy

Starting therapy takes a lot of courage and can be a challenging, yet highly rewarding experience. I believe that if we are able to become curious and adventurous, our lives can become more fulfilled, connected, grounded, and enriched in the process. I am committed to supporting you through this process with a warm, supportive, and collaborative spirit.


Contact Wayne-Take The First Step

Get in touch via email and set up your first therapy session here using the schedule a session link. After submitting a contact request form, I will be in touch.